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Commemorative Plaques

The extensive commemorative plaque range includes plaques to remember family members, plaques to commemorate events, memorial plaques for monuments and war memorials and metal nameplates to mark a place of interest.

Commemorative or memorial plaques can be made from wood or metal and mounted to suit its purpose. Tree memorial plaques or seating plaques are the perfect lasting memory to commemorate the life of a loved family member, available in a number of finishes which include:

The plaques are easily mounted to benches or placed in the ground with metal or wooden stakes, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The commemorative plaques are also a popular choice with monumental masons and create lasting recognition to service personal in local Royal British Legion lounges.

We can design your commemorative plaque or memorial plaque for a special event, to remember a loved one or to mark an important place. Contact us today to discuss your commemorative plaque requirements.


This is a small selection of what we can produce. If you have any other enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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We are a well-established manufacturer and supplier of custom nameplates specifically designed for professional service firms including: